Getting Competitive

I decided that whilst I work on my book, I’m also going to cast the net wider and do as much writing as possible in order to perfect my style and maybe try and get a few smaller pieces published online or in magazines to get my confidence up. So, I’ve decided to enter my first ever writing competition! It’s just a small competition and I know I’m unlikely to get very far but I’m excited by the thought of actually having my writing read by someone in the industry and so have put my book to one side for a few days whilst I write my piece. It’s a piece for adults rather than children, with the theme of Aging and a maximum word count of 2000 words. I only came across the competition yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night with ideas for a piece. I got up a quickly jotted down my ideas (I seem to always get ideas just as I’m going to sleep, I must remember to keep a notepad by my bed) and then started writing today. I’m about 800 words in so far. With my book I would have written much more than 800 words in a day but I’m discovering that writing short stories is much more difficult. With restrictions on the word count every single word really does count and so I’m doing a lot more thinking than writing with this piece. I’m already finding it such good practise though. It’s forcing me to think more carefully about every single thing I write and once this piece is done I’ll definitely be going back over what I’ve written of my book so far and making sure that every word is relevant. I’m hoping to finish the piece tomorrow and then have the weekend to edit it and send it off. Then I’ll be looking out for more competitions as I can already feel the benefit of entering them.

Happy writing! x


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