My First Short Story

My first short story is finished!

It took a little while longer than I thought it would, mainly due to inevitable procrastination and the many unexpected trials and tribulations that come with writing a short story.

2000 words feels like nothing when you are used to trying to write an entire book. I can bust out 2000 words in no time at all, I thought naïvely to myself. How wrong I was. Writing a short story is much more challenging than I had first anticipated. The idea for this one came effortlessly and I began the project full of excited enthusiasm, but I very quickly discovered that I was not going to simply be able to smash it out in a few hours. The thing with short stories is that every single word matters so much more if you want to really convey a message or idea in such a limited word count. There’s no room to get bogged down in meaningless dialogue and long winded descriptions, you have to choose your words carefully. The task is made even more challenging when the story you are writing is to be entered into a competition. You have so few words to be able to prove yourself as a worthwhile entrant and that increases the pressure ten-fold.

Saying all this, I did it! I started and finished a short story and I am happy with it. It’s taught me a lot about really making the most out of every word you choose and I can’t wait to get back on with my book and put this new knowledge to good use. As the book I’m writing is a children’s story this is even more pertinent as a child’s attention can be lost so much more quickly than an adults. I’m going to think of the book as a series of short stories that come together to make one whole. This way I can make sure that every 1000 words or so is really used well and captures the imagination. No words will go to waste in the making of this story!

So, my short story is currently being proof-read and then it’s just the simple case of submitting it! I fully expect to come at the bottom of the pile but I must try to remain optimistic. Without optimism I don’t think any writer would ever bother to submit anything and so I must continue whether blindly or not. If my story does not make it into the short list then I will be able to post in on here for you all to read. Don’t look out for it on here though as that will mean I haven’t made it!

Write on! x


2 thoughts on “My First Short Story

  1. Definitely a good idea to write the whole story as a set of shorter ones! It lets you get across what you want to with that scene and maintain the main plot. Good luck with the short story! Hopefully we don’t see it on here!


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