It’s official!

I began this writing journey a few weeks ago during a quiet period whilst I was off ill from university (I’m training to be a primary school teacher). I picked up a bad chest infection over Christmas that I’m still trying to shift and whilst getting treated for that the doctors became concerned about my heart and so I’ve been having various tests done to find out what is wrong. As a result I started to suffer from stress and anxiety and so didn’t return to university. And so, to try and at least achieve something with my time off university, I picked up a pen and began writing.

I ended up missing so much of my course that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue with it and so things have been a bit quiet on writing front whilst I dealt with the added stress from the worry about all of that.

On Friday everything was finally sorted out and my university and I decided that it would be best for me to put my course on hold for a year, picking back up where I left off next January. This gives me a year off to sort out my health and my stress issues whilst still allowing me to finish my course and eventually qualify as a teacher which has been my plan for some time now.

So what am I going to do with this year off that lies ahead of me? Whilst I’ll eventually get a part time job to bring a bit of money in, at the moment I’m in no rush to do that, preferring to focus on getting my mind and body healthy again first. I have a small amount of savings that will keep me going for a while and so there’s no real need to stress about all of that yet. Plus, I have the comfort of knowing that I will be returning to my course in a year’s time and so there is no pressure for me to find something “to do with my life” as I know in the near future I’ll have a teaching qualification under my belt.

And so I find myself officially a writer! A so far unpublished and very novice writer, but a writer none the less! I’m dedicating myself fully to writing at the moment, with renewed determination to get on with and finish my book. It’s going to be slow process as I’m learning how to write whilst I try to complete it but I’m excited by the prospect of working on it whole-heartedly until it is finally complete.

So get ready for a burst of writing from me, with regular updates on my progress and the inevitable problems that I will encounter!

Mia the Writer! x


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