So I’ve now made a decent start on my children’s story and am starting to really get into the thick of it. I find that I produce much better work if I can force myself to keep the momentum going and so I’ve been making the effort to really absorb myself in my characters and the story. I cannot constantly write though. I need to have frequent little breaks in order to take a step back and reflect on what I’ve written. I try to remain engulfed by the story throughout these breaks however, and today I did a couple of quick illustrations of the characters to help me really picture them when I’m writing.

Although I do enjoy art and spend a lot of time painting and illustrating, I do it very much for my own enjoyment and so do not plan to be illustrating my book myself. This particular illustration was done very quickly and not meant for an audience at all so please do be kind about it. I’m posting it up here purely as a taster for what the book is about. It also reveals the title of my book: A Villain’s Daughter.

Here’s the illustration with a small extract:


“She was the spitting image of her mother: tall and slim with long, raven black hair that fell poker straight down to the base of her spine and was always brushed back neatly out of the way. She very rarely left the castle and lived a nocturnal life and so hardly ever saw sunlight. As a result her skin was the milkiest of whites and she had dark, shadowy circles around her vivid green eyes.”

Keep reading! x


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