World Book Day


Happy World Book Day!

I’m not sure how much this gets celebrated in day-to-day life, but luckily I work in a primary school and therefore get the full blast of the celebrations!

Books, as you may well have guessed from the very subject of this blog, mean a hell of a lot to me and growing up they were an enormous part of my life. I was a serious book worm and would spend hours upon hours totally absorbed in the pages of some fantasy or other. I think it’s vital that children are not just taught how to read but given the opportunity and encouragement to really find the love in books. Teach a child to read and you are providing them with some of the basic and necessary tools for life. But, teach children how to enjoy reading and you are opening up whole new worlds for them to delve into and explore.

It was joyous to see all the children and a few, (I was disappointed to see only a few), of the teachers dressed up as some of their favourite book characters and to listen to them explain just why they chose their particular characters. I, typically, threw myself into the fancy dress element of the day, choosing to portray the Mad Hatter from The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carol. This is just such a classic piece of literature and for me, no matter how much the film industry tries, it cannot be overdone. It captures so much of the fantasy and wonder that goes on within the imaginations of children and I simply think it is truly wonderful.

Me as the Mad Hatter

I encourage reading and writing whenever I can at school and it excites me to think that some of these children may grow up to become writers in the future. This is why, for me, it is absolutely vital that we continue to celebrate books in all their glory and make the most of brilliant days such as today. If you didn’t celebrate world book day this year, please do make a note of it for next year; I know we don’t need an excuse to celebrate books but it’s always nice to have an extra opportunity!

Keep on reading. Keep on inspiring.

Mia x



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