Amazon: Bookshop Murderer

So a while back I decided to stop buying books from Amazon in order to support local bookstores and I thought I’d update you on how that is going.

Not easy!

In terms of browsing around bookshops and charity shops looking for nothing in particular, it’s been great. I love just being in bookshops and often find I come out with something I never would have thought off. It’s exciting when you find a real gem or a great bargain and I love the whole experience of spending time mooching around a dusty old bookshop.

However, as I’ve already moaned about previously, there are hardly any bookshops around anymore and so mostly I find myself in charity shops which often don’t have much of a selection. Too often I end a whole afternoon of browsing charity shops for books with absolutely nothing. I have even come across charity shops which don’t sell books at all, and this I find very strange as all these millions of books that are sold each month must be ending up somewhere!

The other problem is when you want to find something specific. This can take an excruciatingly long time, and indeed you may never find a book you are after without having to resort to other big chains such as Waterstones and W.H.Smith. These big chains are so lifeless and devoid of character and I find shopping in them such an uninspiring experience that I end up avoiding them at all costs and simply moving on without ever buying the book I was so excited to read.

I feel that some sort of book exchange needs to be set up whereby book lovers can swap books with others and hopefully find what they are after that way. Perhaps I will set up an event. Everyone will have to bring a book but then can take one back home with them. Who would be interested in something like this? I’m sure book swaps must already exit but I have yet to come across one in my circle. Please inform me if you know of any in South London!

Mia x


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