This week I’m reading…

This week I’m reading, or rather finally getting round to finishing, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote.


The film has been one of my all time favourites for many years and so I felt it was finally time that I got round to reading the book. Too often films fail to do the books they are based on justice but so far I’m finding that the film matches the book rather beautifully. The novel is exquisitely written: the type of writing that I would love to be able to produce myself. Simple, elegant and observational. A true masterpiece in my opinion.

I am finding it an absolute joy to read. As with every great book I read, I try to take something away to try and develop in my own writing. With Terry Pratchett it’s his sense of humor and wit; with Steinbeck it’s his great characters; and with Capote I would like to be able to take some of the simpleness: Capote uses just the right amount of words to get what he wants across; no more and no less. Too often I find that my writing can end up very rambling and I need to try and cut out the wordiness.I find Capote a truly inspirational writer and am thoroughly looking forward to reading the rest of this great little book.

Mia x


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