This week I’m reading…

This week I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman’s


I’m a big fan of Gaiman and was excited to finally get my hands on a copy of this, his latest book release. I knew nothing about the book before I got a copy, only that it was bound to be just my cup of tea if his other books are anything to go by.

I was quite surprised when I got stuck into it.

It’s not a novel as I expected but rather a collection of Norse myths retold by Gaiman. They are short and easy to read and so I was slightly disappointed not to have a book that I could really lose myself in and get carried away with. That said, the book is a very interesting read, especially if you have read any of Gaiman’s other works as it gives a great insight into him as a writer. Neil Gaiman’s fiction writing has very obviously been strongly influenced by Norse mythology and so this books provides a lot of the background to those pieces. In particular, Norse Mythology links in strongly with his novel American Gods which includes many Norse characters woven into the fabric of Gaiman’s epic work.


Whether you are a fan or Gaiman’s, interested in Norse mythology and the history of story-telling, or if you are simply looking for something different than what’s normally on the book shelves these days, I strongly recommended giving Norse Mythology a go, and if you enjoy it do also read American Gods as the two books tie in so nicely together.

American Gods Amazon series coming next week.

In other news, Gaiman’s American Gods has been made into an Amazon series which begins on 1st May this year. I’ve seen a trailer and it looks fantastic so do check it out if you can but be sure to read the book before hand – you have the bank holiday weekend to get as much read as you can!

Enjoy! x